Darcie Donaldson
Darcie Donaldson
Ironman 70.3 Steelhead


CrossFit Level 1 Certification Precision Nutrition Certification Bachelor Degree Recreational Programming


Darcie Donaldson

Growing up I was always the "sporty girl".  I was a tomboy who played basketball on the playground with the boys in grade school even though it was NOT cool.  In High School, I played softball, basketball, and volleyball.  I think I tried every recreation league sport that was offered at college.  After college, I coached volleyball and basketball for a while, until I became a flight attendant and was not home consistently enough.  After the birth of my two children, I was looking for a way to get back into shape and found a triathlon.  I had always loved swimming, so it was a good fit.  I eventually signed up for a tough mudder, which required rope climbs and really just more upper-body strength than I had.  This is what led me to CrossFit.  I figured I would stick around for 6 months of training, until my race date and then say goodbye and go back to my solitary sport of running, biking, and swimming.  13 years later, I find myself still working out at CrossFit Brighton, and now I am a CrossFit coach looking forward to what the next workout of the day will bring.

Working out for me has never been an issue.  I love sport, I love weights, I love being a sweaty mess.  What I did not always have right was nutrition.  My turning point at CrossFit Brighton was when I joined the nutrition program.  After learning to fuel my body properly, my workouts and my health improved dramatically!

My purpose for coaching is to bring joy back to working out.  I am passionate that everyone should find a way to move their body that brings them joy (and maybe a little bit of suffering). Find people at the gym that you look forward to seeing every day.  That is what will bring you back.