Jen Taiariol
Jen Taiariol
I am the most senior member of the CFB tribe next to Chris and John. I enjoy creating unique workouts for our Sunday 8:00 unofficial class that challenge one's skills and endurance.


CrossFit Level 1 Certification

Ph.D. in Educational Psychology


Jen Taiariol

I am a mother of 3 young men who were extremely active in sports.  My oldest started Sticks (now CFB) as an 8th grader to build his hockey skills and strength.  I ended up joining a few weeks after he started.  The rest is history.   I played volleyball as a high school athlete and was on the junior Olympic team for 1 year.

I have a job where I am responsible for 33 school districts and 98 public school academies.  This, at times, can be overwhelming.  I consistently attend CFB to do something for myself and to manage my stress level.  It is also important to have the support and encouragement of others around us, and the people at CFB are inspirational to me - each in their own way.

I am a psychologist by trade and have a passion for supporting others.  I have always been drawn to our new members and enjoy working with them.  I like pushing those who don't quite have the confidence in themselves to go a step further.