Jim Zabinski
Jim Zabinski

First time wearing Vest for Murph

Deadlif 345lbs

Clean 180lbs

Snatch Balance 140lbs


Crossfit Level 1 Certificate

USA Weightlifting Level Coaching Certification

USMS (Retired) Physical Fitness Coordinator

USA Hockey Level 3 Coaching

USMS and FLETC Training Academy Graduate


Jim Zabinski

I spent 3 years active with the US Army, 82nd Airborne Division, as an Infantry Paratrooper.  After I was honorably discharged, I obtained my B.S. Degree from the Univ of Detroit in Criminal Justice.  Subsequently, I spent the next 30 years as a Criminal Investigator and deputy US Marshal.  During my time in the Army and with the USMS, I received Instructor Certifications in various tactical, command, and control capacities.  As my career developed, so did my family life with my wife and 3 kids.  I was fortunate to coach/manage my son for several years in hockey and baseball.  Additionally, I supported and encouraged our two daughters in dance and pompon from elementary age through college age.  As a result of all this being said, after I retired from the USMS, I was extremely fortunate to become part of the CFB Coaching Team.

I took to heart that Comfort is the Enemy of Progress.  Hence, my "Turning Point" was when I was in my late 40s and through life's challenges, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired a felt I let go of my fitness and wellness abilities.  Subsequently, in March of 2014, I joined CFB and as a result, I gained a new perspective on accountability, commitment, and consistency; with fitness and nutrition, which this journey still goes on to this day.

It is simple, my passion and motivation for coaching are the CFB members.  I try to explain to new members that everyone is on their own fitness and wellness journey and the CFB coaches and members are here to support and encourage members in their journey.   CFB members are of various ages, skills, and athletic capabilities,  As a coach, I try to inform new members (and veteran members), that you will move to your own physiological and psychological abilities.   As a coach, I attempt to inform members, that no matter their age or athletic abilities,  they can reach their fitness goals via proper technique and movement with consistency and make CFB the best hour of their day.