John Tamer
John Tamer

Back squat 315 lbs.  

Strict press 165 lbs.  

Clean and Jerk 225 lbs.


CrossFit Level 1 & 2 Trainer CrossFit Mobility certification CrossFit Olympic Lifting certification CrossFit Kids certification

General Manager/Coach

John Tamer

John played elite-level hockey his whole life and spent three years in the OHL (Ontario Hockey League), so it was natural for him to be involved in a high-intensity fitness program. When Chris opened STICK Training (CrossFit Brighton) in 2008, John immediately joined the classes. Through his training, he saw remarkable improvements in his health and athletic performance. In a short period of time, he was sold on the benefits and programming style of CrossFit. He started coaching at CFB soon after. The long-term benefits of consistent CrossFit training and healthy nutrition have significant benefits.
“When I played competitive hockey, I pushed myself to be a better, stronger athlete every day. Now, my drive comes from coaching our members and seeing improvements in their performance and overall health.”
John oversees coach development, the CrossFit Kids, and Brighton Nutrition programs. He’s known around CFB for his ability to encourage and motivate our members no matter their level of experience.
John enjoys playing hockey, racquetball, hiking, and mountain biking when he’s not training at CFB. He has three grown children, and 6 grandchildren. He lives in Brighton with his AMAZING wife Julie, so he can be as close as possible to the “box.”