Larry Getz
Larry Getz


CF-L1 / L2 USA Olympic Weightlifting L1 All-Navy Baseball


Larry Getz

I have been a part of the CrossFit community for 6 years and have been coaching at CrossFit Brighton for 4 years. I have grown to appreciate the effect that CrossFit has on our physical and mental strength and the connection and friendship it creates inside the gym. CrossFit has changed millions of lives for the better by forging elite fitness.

I am passionate about fitness, athletics, and teaching. They have been a central theme in my life both in and out of uniform. I retired as a Naval Aviator after serving 32 years and have commanded both squadrons and ships in combat. I have been a member of high-performing teams in unforgiving environments. I consider myself blessed to have worked with great Americans on the missions we flew. The CrossFit community and CFB have had a similar impact on my life. Working together with our great coaches and athletes on a purposeful mission of fitness, health, and mindset is a blessing.

Chris and John have given me the opportunity to coach and improve lives and I take this duty very seriously. I am honored to be a part of our CrossFit Brighton family. My goal here is to make this a place where “people want to be sad to leave.” I also want to improve the quality of life of every team member at CrossFit Brighton.

My family lives in Milford. My wife Stacy was born and raised in Milford and attended the University of Michigan. My son and daughter both attend university where they play baseball and volleyball respectively.

I was blessed to serve this country in combat with some of the best Americans, friends, teammates, and brothers any man could ask for.  As that part of my life was coming to a close I needed to find something to fill that void.  I attended my first CrossFit class 6 years ago and fell in love with the methodology and people.  I have made lifelong friendships here at CrossFit Brighton and to be allowed to show up, work out, suffer, and succeed together has been a blessing I will appreciate for the rest of my life!

To improve our members quality of life.