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Chris Tamer


November 16, 2022

3 Simple Tools-My Favorite is #3

You can download fancy apps and trackers to monitor your health, but one of the easiest, most effective motivational tools is already on your phone.

The clock — which includes an alarm, stopwatch, and timer — is a great way to train yourself to build healthy habits.

Here’s how:

The alarm: Have trouble remembering to drink water throughout the day? Set alarms to remind yourself to hydrate. Try this with any habit you’re having trouble establishing — stretching, taking breaks from sitting, or even going to the gym.

The stopwatch: Tell a kindergartner you’re going to time him to see how long it takes him to put on his shoes, and watch him move. This stopwatch trick actually works with people of all ages! Let’s say you really, really don’t want to make dinner, and are tempted to order takeout. Try setting a timer and see how fast you can get the ingredients prepped. You’ll find the task you’ve been avoiding doesn’t take nearly as long as you think—the hardest part is getting started.

The timer: If you know you need to move but can’t get motivated, set the timer for 10 minutes and start walking or jogging. Most people find that once 10 minutes are up they want to keep moving!

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