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Chris Tamer


December 15, 2020


In speaking with one of the coaches at the gym, the topic came up about why some people stick with an exercise routine and some don’t.  Consistency is an obvious one and a major factor in success.  Consistency doesn’t come without daily habits and processes.  People that come consistently seemed to also have habits that work for them, not against them.

Here are some of the keys to being successful.

Setting goals helps people stay on track.  Start with a long term goal and have short term goals or checkpoints along the way.  There you go.

But often the problem can be too much focus on the goal and not the process.

Have you ever had a goal of decreasing clutter in a room? You can pick a day to clean and in a sense that achieves the goal…for a while. The room can start clean but if daily habits aren’t changed, then you’ll spend all day next week doing the same thing.

Setting up regular habits on a daily basis is the key to achieving a goal. At the gym we often see people picking certain days of the week to workout. After a while, that becomes a habit.

We all have habits built in our brains. So, if you know your habits you can understand the cues that lead you to actions. Our life is filled with habits, which can be beneficial or detrimental.  It’s your choice!

In Atomic Habits, author James Clear references the desired behaviors should be detailed and intentional.  For example, “I will work out at 6 pm for 3 days per week on Monday, Wednesday, Friday at this gym with this workout partner with these clothes and shoes that will be laid out.”

Those are intentions and being super clear about how you’ll achieve your habits to lead to goals.

One way to make it easier to achieve the desired action is by stacking habits.  An example of stacking habits would be to workout consistently. To do that, immediately after you make your morning coffee you put on your workout shoes.  After nighttime teeth brushing, lay out your workout clothes for the morning workout.  These little actions paired with other daily habits already in place will help you be successful.  

Do you have goals of losing 20 lbs, gaining strength, or improving your conditioning?  Getting motivated and having one great workout will not work as you can’t rely on motivation. It wears off on its own. What else will it take?

Ask yourself why you want to get in shape. Ask yourself why a few more times?  This is important as knowing this is the motivation for working out.  It goes much deeper than “I want to get in shape.”

Initially focus on developing habits not the act of working out.  Make it easy to do the desired behavior.  Create an intentional plan about how many days per week, time, clothes, what gym, and with who.

Start building habits in your life that lead you to work out consistently.  

Focus on building habits of going to the gym, eating healthy and proper sleep.

Inspired? Need some more help? We’re here for you to help you meet your goals and stay a bit more connected and peaceful this holiday season!


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