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Chris Tamer


October 30, 2021

Ann Anderson’s 100-Day Journey

Ann is a big inspiration for us at CrossFit Brighton. During her initial consultation, she expressed hesitancy about CrossFit as she was recovering from knee surgery and was unsure about CrossFit, lifting weights, and some of the other movements.


May 2021:  Initial Consult
Ann walked into the gym in May of 2021 and had goals of weight loss, muscle building, and overcoming fear.  She has previously been working out 3-4 days per week, walking, Peloton, or outdoor bicycling. Was also recovering from a knee injury and surgery. She joined CrossFit Brighton.


June 2021: 30 Day Goal Review
She gained confidence through our 1 on 1 sessions that she could participate in the group classes. She was attending 4 days per week. The accomplishment she’s most proud of is “getting comfortable in the classes, coaches are great and helpful, more capable outside of the gym.”
July 2021: 60 Day Goal Review

Comment on the coaches, “Larry is really great! I feel both very supported and challenged in his class.”  The most rewarding part of joining CrossFit Brighton is, “Everyone has been very welcoming. I like surrounding myself with people that want to get better, it inspires me to do more for myself!”

I still feel like I’m getting used to all the movements in my body getting on board. But I do want to set myself a specific goal, maybe give myself another month in class just to get acclimated. I don’t want to hurt myself but I do want to have a goal to work towards. Was thinking maybe a deadlift.”

August 2021: 90 Day Goal Review

During her 100 day journey, Ann has been consistently attending classes and continues to learn how to properly challenge herself. “Consistency and gauging the workouts and weights will help me continue to my goals.”


Ann’s “Larger than Life Epic Weekend”

“Hey Chris it’s Ann, here are some pictures from my amazing trip to Arizona for my fitness weekend called Larger than life Epic Weekend. My knee injury had held me back a lot and I was very thankful for the progress I’ve made the last two months in CrossFit to help me achieve the following goals: I did 2 hikes- “A” Mountain and Brown Mountain, One was a sunrise hike on 911. I did a 90-minute Brutal Friday workout at a gym called “The Cell”. I did a 15 minute Burpee challenge in 102° outside. Got to work out with the people from 1st Phorm Supplements and the Larger than life team and listen in on many keynote speakers and learn about how to live life to the fullest through fitness and belief. Such an incredible weekend it was. Thank you again for all the support over the past few months I’ve received at CrossFit Brighton. Slowly I feel my quads & my knee are strengthening! I’ll include some pics of my knee injury from last year and what I was able to do with the help of the training I’ve received with your coaches and classes I’ve attended. Thank you for everything! I am excited to see what else I can accomplish with more time and I’m going to keep plugging away!!”

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